vrijdag 16 juni 2017

Packing up my troubles

Yesterday was my last day at work, which I managed to wrap up nicely, in spite of the hurdles thrown up in the last couple of weeks.

With our packing done and dusted this morning, we are now free to enjoy the rest of the day in peace and mentally prepare ourselves for our journey tomorrow.

While Jos has been known to throw a couple of thing into his suitcase at the very last moment (and would forget some crucial item if I weren't there to offer some guidance), I usually plan my holiday wardrobe well in advance.

In fact, the suitcase containing my clothes was packed almost two weeks ago, although I must admit I've taken out and added the odd item (or two) in the meantime.

Obviously, I am taking a couple of dresses. These two stretchy King Louie frocks, which I've had for many years, are super comfortable and I even rode a bike wearing one of them while on holiday in Belgium's west country last September. Their other advantage is that they can be stuffed in a suitcase without any fear of crumpling.

Our cottage does have an iron and ironing board, but I've never used them in all the years we've been going there.

The rest of my wardrobe will be dark denim jeans and a pair of red trousers to offer some variety, there's a selection of differently coloured lightweight cardigans and, apart from the peignoir (see previous post) to waft around in, I'll also be taking my Phoebe PJ bottoms.

I'm also taking a small case with accessories: scarves, necklaces and hair flowers to be used as brooches.

The vintage factor will be provided by a - large! - selection of tops, mainly vintage ones picked up at Think Twice, as well as a couple of new-to-me tops from flea markets and charity shops.

As we travel by car, and have oodles of space, there is no need to travel light, which is an absolute relief. How else would I be able to whittle down my wardrobe to just a few items for a holiday in Wales ... ?

The weather got progressively warmer and sunnier this week, and these are some of the outfits I wore to work.

New-to-me navy skirt combined with a cotton polka dot top from Think Twice. And the red shoes, which won't be going to Wales with me after all.

1950s style green printed rayon frock (Think Twice), combined with pink belt and beads and my most comfortable pair of Clark's wedge sandals.

Same sandals again, but this time I'm wearing a sailing boat printed Seasalt frock bought in Cardigan a couple of years ago. The orange piping called for orange accessories: belt, beads and bangle.

As we didn't have electricity at work for most of the day on Tuesday, I even had the time to squeeze in some last minute shopping and a short visit to MoMu, Antwerp's fashion museum.

In the gallery, and free of charge, there was a small exhibition of dresses by legendary Belgian fashion designer Ann Salens (1940-1994), who won acclaim for her colourful knitted and crocheted "bird of paradise" dresses, made from silk and artificial silk, which she sold at her shop in Antwerp's Wolstraat opened in the late 1960s.

Part of the Antwerp avant-garde scene in the 1960s, she was a natural talent, who refused to become commercial.

The dresses' former owner, who gifted them to the museum, was the female half of iconic Belgian showbizz duo, Nicole & Hugo, who started out in 1970. While not a fan of their music, their - often matching - stage outfits were something else altogether, and their 1973 passage at the Eurovision Song Contest did not go unnoticed, if only for their flamboyant purple Las Vegas style outfits.

The dresses on display all date from the 1970s and although there were only a few, they were presented as if in a red velvet lined black box, on black faceless models, which really made them stand out.

Afterwards, I sauntered back to the office, and passed the magnificent baroque St-Carolus Borromeus church, built between 1615 and 1621.

The square in front of it (which used to be the haunt of Antwerp's punks in the 1980s) was virtually empty for once, so I couldn't resist taking some photos with my smartphone's camera.

After having played the tourist in my own town, I am now ready to be a tourist in Wales. Although, after that many visits, I might be considered as a bit of a semi-local?

So, goodbye for now. Or as they say in Welsh: Hwyl!

See you in two weeks' time!

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  1. I do love having a nosey at other people's packing! How lovely to have unlimited space and to take whatever takes your fancy and you're quite right, you do need plenty holidaying in the UK, it's gorgeously warm today but it could be snowing by next week!
    Love all your choices, so much colour and fun.
    Have a brilliant holiday and see you in a fortnight. xxx

  2. What lovely things you're taking with you! I go by ferry too so I don't have to limit clothing but I am going to find it hard to narrow down my choices...

    The exhibition at the museum looks and sounds fascinating.

    Have a fabulous time in Wales and I hope you have some decent weather. Happy chazzing , too!


  3. I always enjoy the 'baggage posts'!, so lovely to see how other people pack for different places and weather conditions!. You're so cool and stylish!, love all those colorful shirts and cardis, and the bijouterie box. To travel by car makes a difference, for sure!
    Lovely red and blue outfit (classic color combo!), and I'm in love with that sailing boat printed frock, such a summery piece! and you look adorable!
    wish you enjoy your holidays!
    I'll miss you!

  4. Have a wonderful holiday. I'll look forward to your posts when you return.

  5. Have a wonderful holidays, Ann, and I will see you in a forthnight (ah, here I said it - I always wanted to use this British expression!). Your packing teaches me something - despite the fact that we always travel by car, I try to get down to absolute minimum in terms of what to bring with me, and it is frustrating. Justin always says, "Bring as much as you want" - and I see you do just that!! Love your colorful choices!

    What a wonderful museum in your city (and free - bonus!), and the baroque church is splendid!!

    Lots of love!

  6. I love the Seasalt dress, it's a lovely colour for summer. The 1950's one is great too.
    The fashion museum looks interesting and I'd have loved to see that square in the 80's!
    Have a lovely holiday and look forward to hearing about it xxx

  7. glorious, sunny, fantastic, happy holidays to you!!!
    the church front is marvelous - love baroque style! and how cool are this fashion exhibition is - imagine our vix in this dresses :-)
    wise packing, my dear! the BW used to pack like jos - but some faltboot tours into the middle of nowhere changed his mind - no shops for many days in a row to buy the forgotten stuff ...
    that leaf print dress is to die for!!!
    many hugses! xxxxx

  8. You've picked a great week to go away, have a wonderful time and if you need any extras, I'm sure those great charity shops in Cardigan will have what you need!

  9. I hope Wales is warm for you Ann but I'm sure you'll have a great time whatever the weather. Will look forward to seeing your chazza scores. Btw love the green 1950's style frock teamed with pink beads...just right. x

  10. Wales is lovely its the only country other hten the USA and ireland ive ever been too and your vacation wardrobe is so colorful perfect!

  11. Your work outfits are so lovely. I've just bought my first Seasalt dress, their prints are fab.

    Have an amazing time, I hope this warm weather continues for you! Xx

  12. I hope you're enjoying the lovely weather Ann! Your holiday wardrobe is fabulous xxx

  13. By now you will be enjoying the lovely Welsh sunshine as it's scorching in the U.K. this week.
    We are just home from visiting my sister in oxford but poor Philip has now had to go to Essex for five days.
    I don't envy him working in this heat.
    Hope you are having a lovely time Ann. Look forward to seeing what you get up to
    Lynn xxx

  14. Those Ann Sales dresses are groooovy.

    You seem to have brought the weather with you. It's blisteringly hot here now. All your colourful clothes will look ace in the sun.

  15. I hope you're having a wonderful time in Wales, at least we've get the sun out for you! I look forward to seeing your posts about the trip. xx

  16. I always love seeing what my bloggy vintage-loving friends pack for holidays, especially your bright collection! Beautiful! Hope you have fun in Wales! I have a similar Seasalt dress but the year before's model!x